This is the scene, Dialga and The Other Legendaries Try to fight Yveltal in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon of Destruction.

Dialga: Stop Yveltal!

Yveltal: I Said Enough!

(Yveltal fires Oblivion Wing at Dialga, But Reshiram fires Fusion Flare To block the attack)

Yveltal: What?

Reshiram: Enough! Yveltal, stop this, 8 of them has arrived.

Zekrom: The Destruction will end.

Kyurem: You’ll think of battling them?

Palkia: How Foolish since they have a desire.

Kyogre: The Waves of water will come.

Arceus: The Judgement of destruction has come to an end!

Groudon: End This Destruction!

Rayquaza: Enough is Enough Yveltal!

Giratina: Prepare to go down!

Yveltal: Foolish Mortals did you think you’re going to destroy me, and my cause? Then I will destroy the forest!

Dialga: Legendaries, we have to stop the nightmare!

Reshiram: yes, let’s stop this yveltal.