This is the Scene, Where Ash, Emerl and the Remaining Team Tells Diancie That You Musn't Give up, Then Mega Evolves into Mega Diancie And use Diamond Storm, Creating a New Heart Diamond, protecting Everyone From Yveltal's Oblivion Wing In Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction.

(Ash, Emerl and 9 Mixels Battle Yveltal, Yveltal Preparing to Fire an Obilvion Wing)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

(Pikachu uses thunderbolt on Yveltal's oblivion wing but fail, Yveltal Fired Oblivion at them, But The 3 Carbink takes a step and hits them, and they slowing turned to stone)

Leonard: Carbink, No!

Merrick: Ash, Emerl, Everyone, please protect Princess Diancie...

(Right After Merrick's Last Words, Merrick, Bort and Allotrope are turned to stone)

Diancie: Merrick!

Adagio Dazzle: Come on We have to hurry!

Sonata Dusk Roger!

Yveltal: Dazzlings, Do you think you we're trying to Escape?!


Sontana Dusk: WHO ARE YOU?!

Yveltal: The Destruction Pokemon, YVELTAL!

Adagio Dazzle: The Destruction Pokemon, Yveltal?

Yveltal: Yeah, that's right. Prepare to turned into stone!

Adagio Dazzle: NO PLEASE!

Sonata Dusk: SHOW MERCY!!

Aria Blaze: Y-Yeah, we were just foolin' around!

Yveltal: Too late!


(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at The Dazzlings and slowly turning them into stone)

Sora: Sonata, Aria and Adagio!

Olaf: Are You Alright?

Adagio Dazzle: Yes, I'm Fine but i was hit by Oblivion Wing!

Sonata Dusk: Me Too, And i was hit as well, so to Aria Blaze!

Aria Blaze: Hurry, Go Find Xerneas And Stop Yveltal!

(Right after The Dazzlings last words to warn everyone to stop Yveltal until they finally turned into stone)

Riku: Listen, We Can't get turned into stone by Yveltal, We must Find Xerneas!

Xion: Yeah, But Where's Ash, Pikachu, Emerl, Mario And Sonic?

(Yveltal fires shadow ball at Pikachu, Emerl, Ash, Mario and Sonic and was sent flying)

(Ash Grabs Pikachu's hand to save him from falling off the cliff)

Emerl: Yveltal, Please Stop!

Ash Ketchum: Come on Pikachu, hang on!

(He Loses his grip, but Clemont, Serena, Bonnie, Riku, Sora, Xion, Luigi, Tails and Leonard Grabs Ash's, Emerl's, Mario's And Sonic's Hand)

(Diancie Looks At Anna, Elsa, Major Nixel, The Dazzlings and 3 Carbink who was still turned to stone)

Diancie: It's my duty to protect everyone, But I, can't do anything... (Started to whimpers)

Ash Ketchum: Don't give up, If you do, it's all over!

Emerl: Will soon be goners for good!

Clemont: He's Right!

Serena: Stay strong, Diancie!

Bonnie: Just try!

Vulk: Try not to lose!

(Pikachu Wakes up)

Ash Ketchum: Hey, Pikachu! Are you okay?!

Pikachu: pika!

(Pikachu hops, Clemont's arm and made it back to the top

Ash Ketchum: Let's go!

(As Everyone Rescued Ash, Emerl, Mario and Sonic)

(Diancie looks at Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom who battles Yveltal)

Dialga: Listen, Go Save Everyone!

Yveltal: You And you mortals thoughts has gone to far, you shall Die!

Ash Ketchum: Use Thunderbolt!

Flain: Everyone Attack!

(Pikachu and The 9 Mixels Fired At Yveltal's Oblivion Wing, However The Oblivion Wing Split into 3)

Flain: Everyone Jump!

(Pikachu, The 9 Mixels, Mane 6 and Xion Jumps and avoids it, Dace Angrily Pumps up, However Diancie Ready to Battle Yveltal)

Xerneas: (Flashback) The power it nourish life lies within you yourself...

(Diancie Opens Her Eyes and her Diamond Begin to glow and mega evolve)

Diancie: I won't ever give up ever!

(Diancie Mega Evolves and everyone looked and see, The Diamond was Activated, and mega evolves into mega diancie)

Krader: it That?

Shuff: Mega Diancie!

Clemont: It Mega Evolved!

Yveltal: You Dare denied me, Then You shall Die!

(Mega Diancie Uses Diamond Storm and Creates A New Heart Diamond, However, Yveltal Fired Oblivion At Them, But Diancie's Diamond Protected Them, The Diamond isn't Breaking or Shattered to pieces)

Bonnie: Oh boy!

Ash Ketchum: Way to go!

Flurr: She Saved us From Yveltal!

Dace: That's it! A Heart Diamond!

(Mega Diancie Returns to Normal, And The Heart Diamond Disappears)

Reshiram: Diancie Did it.