Here is Scene, where argus scans The Projections of Villains, Thieves, Heroes and The Mixels, then Diancie, Ash, Emerl and Teslo wish a star in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction

(Meanwhile Millis Flies with Doublade, Returning to the Argus's Flying Ship and goes inside and closes the door, we cut to the scene, where argus is watching diancie and the carbink also leonard)

Argus Steel: (eating some chocolate) If Diancie gets back underground, we'll never be able to find her again.(he use his hand to move the page to see Marilyn Flame, Ninja Riot, Major Nixel And the other villains) Merilyn, Riot, Major Nixel and the others villains... they're serious as well. I must be careful... Huh? Who are they? Verminious Snaptrap, The Dazzlings, and also other villains or even thieves, or even the heroes, Or The Mixels, There's nothing to worry about with them! (Drinks Coffee)

(Millis Opens and closes the door)

Millis Steel: Dianice's fine, Dad.

Argus Steel: Excellent work, Millis. How about a chocolate? (He Picks up a box of chocolate)

Millis Steel: Dad, I think you're eating too many sweets.

Argus Steel: They came out with a new chocolate mint. I had it specially delivered all the way from the Hoenn region. Don't forget, the cocoa that chocolate is made out of is good for you. It's got all sorts of...

Millis Steel: Can't you see I'm just worried about your health, Dad?! C'mon.

Argus Steel: I know you are... (eating some chocolate)

Millis Steel: (Scowls) Dad.

(The Next Morning, Ash, Emerl, Team Robot's Allies, The Mixels, The Company And Diancie are riding the bus)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie?

Elsa: Princess?

Ash Ketchum: Are you sure if we go this way we'll find Xerneas?

Pikachu: Pika?

Diancie: I would never ever tell a lie, I was taught that not always telling the truth is wrong.

Bonnie: So how do you know this's the right way to go?

Seismo: Tell which direction where to go?

Diancie: Because the Fairy Aura that surrounds Xerneas leaves a trail, And I am able to sense that trail.

(we View the bus to see several Flabebes and Floettes floating around, Diancie sees them, and looked surprised but she feels low self)

Diancie: I'm sure Xerneas will be there, I know it!

Pikachu: Pika pika Pikachu. (Ash pets Pikachu, and starts cheer)

(that Night while our heroes go to sleep, Pikachu went sleepy using his tail to hit ash a little bit, Diancie Attempts To Create a New Heart Diamond again, Ash, Emerl and Teslo wakes up and find Diancie before failing creating a new heart diamond, Much to her despair)

Diancie: I just can't do it... (Diancie looks up and sees shooting star, as she gasps)

Ash Ketchum: They say if you make a wish on a shooting star before it disappears, it'll come true.

Diancie: My wish will come true?

Ash Ketchum: Yeah.

Emerl: A miracle comet will wish that you'll believe.

Teslo: When A Lightning star comes true, it will work.

Diancie: Okay. I think i'll try.

Ash Ketchum I'll do it, too.

Emerl: Me too.

Teslo: Same Me.

(Another shooting star flies over the sky)

Ash Ketchum: (Gasps) Okay! My wish is that Diancie will be able to make the greatest diamonds ever. Beautiful and totally awesome.

(Diancie, Ash, Teslo and Emerl Prayed, Suddenly Diancie's Hand began to glow, Serena, Anna and Elsa sees Ash, Emerl, Teslo and Diancie Praying for a wishing star)

Kiva: (opens her eyes noticing the glow from Diancie's hand and thoughts to herself) Gee, I hope their wishes come true. (goes back to sleep)