Marilyn Flame is also the thief who works for Argus Steel, Millis Steel and Ninja Riot to search and capture Diancie who is on a quest for Xerneas. During Yveltal's rampage her Delphox and Yanmega were turned into stone by Yveltal's attack "Oblivion Wing". Later she was sitting on a rock crying over her two Pokemon, Ninja Riot found her and removed his mask and offered comfort to her to forget about Diancie together as she accepted, her affection, Yveltal appeared in front of her and Ninja Riot and fired Oblivion Wing turning them into stone. Later she along with Ninja Riot and her Delphox and Yanmega were revive by Xerneas after the crisis is over. In the credits of the film she give up her life of being the jewel thief for honest she works at the clothing shop. Riot visit her at the shop and propose marriage and she accepted.
Marilyn Flame M17