Here is The Scene where Millis Steel Appeared along with her Chesnaught, and uses pin missiles at attack the villains, thieves, Delphox And Greninja, And Rescues Diancie, The whole Team, The Mixels, Leonard and the Carbink in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction.

(Suddenly, A Pin Missile fired a greninja, Diancie falls but 2 carbink saves diancie)

Merrick: Princess!

(Ninja Riot look in shocked around at Millis Steel, Chesnaught and Doublade)

Verminious Snaptrap: Millis?

Millis Steel: Now, Chesnuaght, use Pin Missile again!

(Ninja Riot Avoids the attack but hits greninja)

Thomas: Cinders And Ashes!

Serena: Who is that?!

Anna: Who is that girl?

Percy: Is that a lady?

Diancie: She's the person who rescued me after Team Rocket and the other villains made me make Diamonds for them.

Bonnie: So she's a friend?!

Slumbo: Like an ally?

Lunk: Or maybe a helper?

N.A.N.O.: Or even a good friend?!

Millis Steel: Diancie, quick! Get away while you can!

(As Everyone Gasps, they made an escape)

Merrick: Princess, this way!

Leonard: Follow Me!

Diancie: Yes. please excuse me.

Kiva: I Need a Moment!

(as The Heroes manage to Escape)

Marilyn Flame: Millis Steel, If you're here, then that means, Argus is here as well.

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: So does as the Guys!

Francisco: Me Too!

Millis Steel: Hmmm, Maybe so, maybe not.

Major Nixel: That kinds embarrassed me.

Leather Teddy: You could say that.