In one of the scenes of the movie, this is how our heroes try to rescue Diancie, while the villains and the thieves we're fighting over who should catch Diancie but they have no idea their fighting we're in an underground pool where Yveltal is sleeping in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction.

(We cut the scene to see Ninja Riot, his Greninja and two Ninjask go down to the underground cave next to the pool while holding Diancie)

Diancie: If you want diamonds, I'll make you some, please let me go I had to get back to my Domain!

(A Yanmega appeared, flying around the underground cave, then suddenly a Marilyn's Delphox appeared using mystical flame on Ninja Riot and Greninja but they dodge it and Ninja Riot step on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple the Cocoon begins to reverberates, Delphox uses flame charge on Greninja thus let go of Diancie and Marilyn Flame grab her)

Marilyn Flame: Why thank you.

Diancie: Let me go!

Ninja Riot: Marilyn.

Dr. Rabies: Give Diancie Back!

(Ninja Riot jumps out of the water, as Marilyn's Yanmega appears grabbing the pole where Marilyn Flame is holding)

Marilyn Flame: (Laughing) You look fabulous even when your angry Riot, see ya later.

Madame Catastrophe: (Laughing) Sorry Rabies, but these diamonds are mine!

Leather Teddy: (Growls) I need Diancie!

(Suddenly, Chesnaught Fired a Pin missile at Marilyn Flame, Buts avoids them and hits the caves pieces, Delphox Fired A Flamethrower but Chesnaught jumps and lands on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates As Marilyn Escapes)

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: She is not going anywhere! (Chuck Fired Mustard A Marilyn but misses)

Argus Steel: Wait!

(Argus Attempt to catch Diancie But Fail, However, Millis Try To capture Diancie but, Diancie Falls)

(Ash Holding Hawlucha's Leg came to the Rescue)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie!

Emerl: I'm Coming!

(Ash Rescues Diancie just in time. But Lands on the Water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates and began to glows red)

Marilyn Flame: (Growls) You Pest.

Argus Steel: Excuse me!

(Aegislash Hits Marilyn flame And Falls off, but Ninja Riot Catches her, also Water begin to turn dark purple)

Marilyn Flame: But why?

Ninja Riot: Why? I just...

(Ninja riot lets go of Marilyn Flame and Sunk her into water. but Marilyn Flame Breathes and Get up)

Marilyn Flame: What's all this?

Dr. Blowhole: It's Sounded like an earthquake!

Ninja Riot: I don't know...

(Suddenly Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash, Millis Steel And Argus Flies up to Ash, Emerl and The Other Heroes)

Argus Steel: Now, give us Diancie!

Flain: No! Not Cool!

Ash Ketchum: No way!

Zorch: Never!

Millis Steel: You should listen to you elders, kid!

Jessie: There's too many of them.

James: Now what?

Meowth: There's no way for us to slip on in.