This is the scene where Xerneas Battles Yveltal, Then Xerneas calms Yveltal down, And Ending the Crisis in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction.

Yveltal: And Now for the sentence, You Will All Die Forever!

Dialga: Ash, Emerl, Everyone, NO!

Krader: We're All Goners!

(Yveltal roars and ready to fire Obilvion Wing, And Fires At Ash, Emerl, Remaining Team Robot's Allies, The 9 Mixels and Company, But Xerneas uses Aurora Beam on Oblivion Wing thus Saving Ash, Emerl, Remaining Team Robot's Allies, The 9 Mixels and Company From their near death)

Yveltal: What?!

Krader: Look Over There!

(Everyone look to see revealing to be Xerneas)

Ash Ketchum: Xerneas!

Teslo: It is Xerneas!

Dialga: Xerneas.

Yveltal: Go Away!

(Yveltal fires shadow ball at Xerneas, But Xerneas Uses Aurora beam again on Shadow Ball)

Yveltal: Huh? This Can't Be!

Reshiram: It is, Xerneas have to calm yveltal using Fairy Aura.

(Xerneas Uses Fairy aura to Communicate Yveltal, And Successfully Remove Yveltal's Dark Aura, Yveltal's Eyes Turned Purple into Blue and Roaring)

Yveltal: I'm Sorry, I Promise.

(The whole lake and the waterfall returned to their normal self)

Yveltal: It's Over, no more rampage.

(Yveltal Flies off peacefully)

Dialga: It's finally over.

Bonnie: Yveltal's gone...

Clemont: We're safe now!

Teslo: So did I!