This is how, Mal, Dr. Blowhole, Joey, Dee Dee, Marky, and his Mutant Animals brought their flying armada in order to take down Yveltal and How Mal Dies along with the other villains in Team Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction.

Wordgirl: So now that, Diancie is able to create a Heart Diamond and save us from Yveltal, what's next?

Shuff: We've hit the Jackpot!

Leonard: Marvelous!

Xion: Look up there!

Vulk: It's Them!

(Our Heroes look up to see an army of airships and flying fortress armada around the sky, and Argus' Airship is here also)

Yveltal: What is this?!

(Every airships and flying fortress are flying around Yveltal. Mal, Mutated Animals, Dr. Blowhole, and The Cockroaches appeared on top of the bridge of the flying fortress, Mal and his Mutated Animals are on Mal's big airship and Dr. Blowhole and his crabs are inside Argus' airship)

Olaf: Whoa! It's them again!

Flain: NOT COOL!!! Not cool! Not cool!

Donkey Kong: Wow! That's a lot of flying things they got.

Diddy Kong: And their's Mal, he's with them to.

Sonic: I never knew they would come.

Mal: (Laughing evilly) Hey Yveltal you oversized Legendary Pokemon! Nobody destroy our enemies and the plumbers and bring chaos to Kalos Region and turn my Villains into stone! The Devil One, Mal!

Millis Steel: It's the boy and his Pikachu, thanks for saving us both you two.

Mario: Mal! I don't know why you brought your Mutated Animals with you, but their just in time!

Mal: Don't take this is wrong way, Mario! We didn't come here to save you and your friends' miserable life! We came here to settle a score with that Destruction Pokemon!

9 Mixels: Not cool! Not cool! NOT COOL!!!

Goofy: What? Does he like make you mad? How that happened?

Mal: It's because that Legendary Pokemon so-called Yveltal! Is gonna pay for what he has done to my Villains! And now it's pay back time for he did! Mutated Animals!

Dr. Blowhole: Crabs!

Cockroaches: Changelings!

Mal, Dr. Blowhole, and Cockroaches: ATTACK!

Argus Steel: Blast Yveltal down!

Mal: You heard him Mutated Animals fire!

Dr. Blowhole: Fire!

(All missiles and cannon balls fire on Yveltal, but Yveltal manages to avoid them so easily)

Yveltal: (Roaring) It's that all you got?! I'm gonna destroy you all! Oblivion Wing!

(Yveltal fires his oblivion wing at the flying fortress and airships but they manages to avoid it, as they dodge the oblivion wing hits the forest)

Dee Dee: Keep firing!

(They fire more missiles, lasers and cannons but Yveltal dodge all of them)

Joey: Yveltal is powerful! Do we retreat doctor?

Dr. Blowhole: No retreat! We have to keep fighting!

(They continued firing everything on Yveltal but keeps avoiding them)

Marky: Argus Steel, Millis Steel! Do your job!

Argus Steel: Let's return the favor!

(Argus' airship flys towards Yveltal, Argus holding the lever press the button and firing all missiles on Yveltal)

Argus Steel: Yes!

Millis Steel: You did it!

Dr. Blowhole: You Are Toasted Yveltal!

(Yveltal comes out of the black smoke, the group of villains begin to shock it didn't work)

Dr. Blowhole: It Can't Be!

Mal: Fire at will!

(Mal's Mutated Animals fire all tomatoes and water balloons but Yveltal manages to use Hyper Beam, thus destroying them in one shot)

Joey: My Changelings do your job!

(14 changelings fly over to attack Yveltal, he looks at them as the changelings fly with green fire surrounding their head towards Yveltal, they all manages to hit Yveltal)

Changeling #1: How do you like it?! Was that enough for ya? Huh?

Yveltal: No it does not!!!

(Yveltal fires Shadow Ball hitting all of the changelings as the they scream while being hit and falling down)

Dr. Blowhole: It's no good! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Yveltal: All of you shall die!

Dr. Blowhole: I Think We’re Too Late, NOOOOOOOOOO!

(As all airships and flying fortresses try to escape from Yveltal, but Yveltal fires his oblivion wing at them turning them into stone, then he fired his Oblivion Wing at destroying them and the Villains along with the mutated animals and Crabs turning into stone, then finally he fly towards Argus' airship he grabs the center of the airship with his feet was about to fire his oblivion wing as Argus and Millis Steel hug each other)

Mal: NO!

Argus Steel: Millis!

Millis Steel: Dad!

Mal: No, I’m been stoned? NO! I shall not turn to into stoned, what's happening?! noooooooo! (Screaming) Mine time! (Screaming Continues)

(Mal, his mutated animals and Dr. Blowhole along with the cockroaches scream to their deaths and Yveltal fired his oblivion wing turning them and their airships into stone and also exploded the back of the airship)

(They look seeing Mal, mutated animals along the other villains who was also turned to stone)

(They see their burning ships crash into the lake and forest, and Argus' airship crashed into the lake as well, Meanwhile our heroes in the forest looked, shock in horror to see this)

Wordgirl: Mal!

Sora: Wordgirl, he try to kill us and kidnap Diancie!

Wordgirl: I think we couldn't worked it out!

Krader: Oh Poor Millis Steel and Argus Steel!

Sweetie Belle: This is so awful!

Jasmine: Oh this is bad.